10 Tips to Nurturing Educator Talent in your School

In part three of my webinar series on talent management for school leaders, I took participants through ten tips to nurturing educator talent that I’ve garnered from my own leadership Continue Reading →

Are International Schools Hotbeds for Top Educator Talent?

International educators are amazing. Okay, so that is a sweeping generalization. I’m sure that we can find enough non-examples to challenge my claim. Nonetheless, I’ve been reflecting on my February Continue Reading →

What Does / Should it Take to be a K-12 Teacher?

If you follow K-12 education news, you probably heard the buzz in May/June 2015¬†about a portion of the proposed 2015 Wisconsin state budget bill that addresses requirements to become a Continue Reading →

Talent Management & High-Impact Learning Organizations

After spending close to a decade studying, visiting and/or learning from¬†high-impact schools, world-class organizations, and up-and-coming startups; the pattern became obvious. They had diverse cultures, missions, strategies, and people; but Continue Reading →