Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Today it is more important than ever to disclose our conflicts of interest, so below is my attempt at transparency. Following are potential conflicts of interest due to direct or indirect compensation, meals, free products, or the like. Beyond this, I do serve as a volunteer board member for multiple organizations, providing pro-bono consulting and advising for many others. Also beyond this list, I receive payment for speaking and consulting with various organizations, but I do not include every paid speaking engagement on this page.

Concordia University Wisconsin – This is my full-time employer, but my ideas on this blog are my own and do not represent those of the University. However, there are times when my writing is likely influenced by my commitment to this organization.

Concordia Publishing House – I receive a monthly payment from CPH, providing a variety of consulting support and services, and completing writing projects. I agree to support the promotion of their products and services, although this does not influence my selection of textbooks for classes at the University, I also encourage faculty and others to consider submitting proposals to CPH and reviewing their products when considering needs. When promoting products, I strive to consistently disclose my affiliation with CPH.

Amazon – Some of the links to books and products on this site are part of the Amazon affiliate program, where I earn a small commission if someone purchases a product at Amazon after clicking on one of those links.

Birdhouse Learning Labs – I am the founder and CEO of this organization.

The MoonshotEdu Show – I am the founder and host of this podcast. I sometimes have pre-existing relationships with founders, researchers, and innovators that I host. On occasion, I might have a more formal relationship with a group. In such instances, I will make reference to that in the podcast. If some relationship emerges after the recording that includes compensation, I will include that here.

IBM iDisrupt Executive Summit – In December of 2017, I accepted full payment for travel, hotel, and meals from IBM as an invited guest.

As mentioned above, I also do fee-based consulting and speaking for conferences and organizations throughout the United States and beyond. I also occasionally serve on advisory boards. I do my best to indicate my affiliation with such organizations when/if I reference them.