We Need Alternatives to College for the Workforce of the Future

“By 2025, two-thirds of all jobs in the US will require education beyond high school.” We need the alternative energy equivalent of skilled workforce development. I just read Bill Gates’s Continue Reading →

The problem with, “I already tried that.” in educational innovation.

Whether you are in education or any other field, you have no doubt experienced this. An administrator or professional development facilitator encourages (or maybe even required) a teacher to implement a new practice Continue Reading →

The Future of Higher Education in 15 Tweets

What is the status of the current conversation about the future of higher education? Summer is often a time for reflection about such topics, with conferences, round tables, and a Continue Reading →

Why Obama’s Push for Broadband in Low-Income Homes Matters

In this Washington Post article, you can read about President Obama’s push to get broadband Internet access into low income houses. Some read this and wonder why. Out of all the Continue Reading →

Advice to Learning Oranizations: Be Yourself and More of that Self

What does a school, University or learning organization need do to grow and thrive in the future of education? Follow my blog enough and you will read a dozen answers Continue Reading →

When will we stop judging elephants by how well they can climb trees?

You’ve probably seen the 2012 cartoon where there is a long line of animals: a monkey, penguin, seal, fish, elephant, bird, and a dog. Then there is a man sitting Continue Reading →