False Consciousness in Education is Real and the Implications are Uncertain

False consciousness, a phrase that I will explain if you keep reading, is part of the modern education system. To explain this, consider who determines what students learn, how they Continue Reading →

3 Perspectives on the State of Contemporary Education

In a recent interview with John Katzman (founder of the Princeton Review, 2U, and more recently Noodle Companies), he expressed the belief that there are three main viewpoints on contemporary Continue Reading →

4 Ways that Google Might be Hurting Education

I like Google. I benefit from any number of Google products and services. I’ve had the privilege of visiting the headquarters twice, once with a group of University executives, and Continue Reading →

From an IQ of 110 to 140 in 20 Years and What it Teaches Us About Education

Let me start by saying that I don’t see much value in traditional IQ tests. I know that organizational psychologists and those who set MENSA qualification standards might disagree, but Continue Reading →