Audit Calls on WGU to Return $713 Million to the DOE & The Policy Innovation Opportunity this Creates

The Department of Education’s Office of the Inspector General audit report of Western Governor’s University is, mostly likely unintentionally, an attack on higher education access and opportunity, but we can Continue Reading →

If You Could Rewrite the US Department of Education Mission Statement

If you could rewrite the US Department of Education mission statement, what would it say? Prior to 1980, the United States had K-12 schools and Universities around the country. Some Continue Reading →

Mom & Dad Can’t Agree & It is Hurting the Kids (a not so subtle commentary on the DOE & accreditors)

In case you missed the title, yes, this is a commentary on the modern landscape of learning organizations, the United Staes Department of Education, and regional accreditors. I have this friend named Continue Reading →