10 Musings about President Obama’s Future of Free Higher Education

Are you ready for free higher education in the United States? Today President Obama gave a preview of his upcoming State of the Union address, proposing a plan for a Continue Reading →

Education in a World Where Every Action is a Data Point

Remember the classic scene from Dead Poet’s Society where the new teacher, John Keating, instructs the students to rip pages out of the poetry text? He offers the students a Continue Reading →

“What Really Matters is Inside the Learner’s Head”

I came across a wonderfully thought-provoking quote. It was in a video created by Derek Muller entitled This Will Revolutionize Education. Early on, Derek critiques frequent claims that each new educational Continue Reading →

An Invitation to Explore Digital Age Education with me in 2013

I stand for educational choice and possibility.  I am not referring to some programmatic use of the word choice (e.g. “school choice”).  I simply mean the ability for students (of Continue Reading →