Most People in Education are Just Looking for Faster Horses, But the Automobile is Coming

Note: If you like what you read, you can go here for the MoonshotEdu podcast episode that addresses this topic. Remember the famous quote often attributed to Henry Ford (although Continue Reading →

The Future of Education: Ignore, Prepare, Predict, or Create?

When it comes to thinking about the future of education, there areĀ four basic approaches. Some ignore thoughts about the future, arguing that it is out of reach and that there Continue Reading →

Education Lessons from Alvin Toffler

Less than a year before I was born, Alvin Toffler who recently passed away, published a book that would later inspire me think more deeply about the impact of change Continue Reading →

Nobody Wants to Be a Brick. Everybody Wants to be Lego, Inc.

“Nobody wants to be a brick. Everybody wants to be Lego, Inc.” This was a statementĀ that I heard at least twice as I participated in the recent 2-day event hosted Continue Reading →