2017 Goals – Books, Documentaries, Podcasts, a Think Tank, and Three Words

For the last several years, I’ve shared my personal/professional goals publicly on this blog. It is adds a little accountability. It provides a chance to connect with others who might Continue Reading →

Global Impact: Dreams, Educational Innovation, Airsickness, & Landing on the Moon

66 years. That is the time between the Wright Brother’s first flight and the 1969 Apollo 11 landing on the moon. 66 years is also the time between 2015 and Continue Reading →

3 Highlights from my Un-resume and What I Learned from Them

I don’t remember where I was reading it, but in some creativity or leadership book that I read over the last year, the author suggested the benefits of taking the Continue Reading →

10 Alternatives to Traditional New Year’s Resolutions

As people are preparing for the new year, many are working on that perfect New Year’s resolution. Three years ago I resolved to stop creating traditional resolutions. That doesn’t mean Continue Reading →