New Book- Adventures in Self-Directed Learning: A Guide for Nurturing Learner Agency and Ownership

I’m exited to announce the release of my fourth and newest book, Adventures in Self-Directed Learning: A Guide for Nurturing Learner Agency and Ownership. This is a short text that comes from over a decade of research to build a compelling case for the importance of nurturing agency, ownership, and a capacity for self-education in learners. This is my chance to cast a vision for education in a connected age. You can expect a philosophical defense of self-education followed by practical suggestions for how to get started, and how to work through common challenges.

While those who lead self-directed schools might be interested in this book, my main audience includes people working and teaching in more traditional schools that are not necessarily designed to promote self-directed learning. I offer ideas on how to get started even in more teacher-centered contexts.

As such, the book is a collection of 8 short chapters. The first chapter defines self-directed learning. In chapter two, I make a case for the importance of self-directed learning. In the third chapter, I posit the idea of school as a resource for learning and not necessarily the sole source of learning. This is an important concept as we understand education in a connected age. From there we look at the idea of a learner with a thousand tutors and the personal learning network. In chapter five, we revisit the idea of the digital divide, and I illustrate why self-directed learning is such an important part of overcoming that divide. Next, I work through common barriers to self-directed learning, followed by a chapter devoted to how you can design a self-directed learning friendly school and classroom. Then I finish the book with a final chapter of concluding thoughts, suggestions and encouragements.

This is not a research heavy book. It is short accessible, builds a case for self-directed learning, and offers plenty of tips as well.

I invite you to join me in spreading the word about the book. Please consider sharing this with others who might be interested. Most proceeds will go toward funding my work on Etale, the MoonshotEduShow podcast, and some forthcoming projects at Birdhouse Learning Labs.

I am also grateful if you help spread the word on your favorite social media outlets.

If you are interested in ordering, you can get the best price right now by ordering directly from the publisher site. Or, you can get it on Amazon and other online bookstores.