25+ Digital Content Providers for #K12

You could be in a home school, private school, parochial, traditional public, charter, magnet, or even a self-directed learning academy. At some point, there is usually a search for content and resources. Where do you go? In the past (at least in much of the United States), this was often a process of searching from a ready-made textbook that would drive much of what happens in the school. There are so many more options today, especially if you want digital content and resources, many of which are interactive, much more than what you can get in a traditional paper-based textbook.

Today we have more information on the web than we could possibly use in a dozen lifetimes. And while there is something to be said for collecting and curating your own learning resources on the web, many of us (student, teacher, administrator, parent) find times when it would be helpful to use more vetted, organized and full-features resources on a given topic or subject. Where do you go to find such resources? Here is a small sample of the digital content options available today for K-12 learners. They range from costly to free, full online courses to collections of content, secular to religious. Some offer full courses and a teacher, but most in this list give the opportunity to take the content and/or resource and use it/them as you see fit in your own school, oftentimes including features that allow you to edit or customize for your specific needs.

Please note that this is not a vetted or exhaustive list. I am not recommending the resources and I certainly left out some excellent options. You will want to review them yourself to find out what best fits the mission, values and purpose of your organization. Nonetheless, I had a request from a colleague for such a list, so I thought I would share it on the web for the rest of the world to use as well. As you have time and interest, feel free to suggest new ones in the comment area or include short 2-3 sentence comments, summaries or reviews of any of these for future readers.

Accelerate Education/Accelerate Online Academy

Apex Learning 

BYU Independent Study – Instructor-Guided Online Courses

Calvert Education 

Concordia Publishing House – The publishing house of the LCMS has growing number of digital resources available.

Connections Learning 


EdOptions Online Academy (previously Edmentum)

Florida Virtual School – Global School 

Fuel Education 

Greenways Academy 

Keystone School 


Learning by Grace 

Lighthouse Christian Academy

 McGraw Hill Digital Solutions 

MIT Resources for High School  

Mizzou K-12 Online 

Mosaica Online 


Northwest Liberty School 

Open Education Consortium – This is a database of open textbooks and courses that might align with some school needs. Many are designed for college, but might work for middle and high school as well.

Pearson Learning Solutions Online Course Content 

Red Comet 

Virtual High School

Time For Learning

HSLDA List of Curriculum Providers for Homeschoolers – Did you not find what you are looking for in the list above. This page provides another long list of other digital content and online course providers.