Let’s Start Building Airplanes with Our Students

I’m convinced. It is time to start building airplanes with our students. I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Hong Kong where I gave a keynote at the 21st Continue Reading →

Competency-based Education: A Mission and Values-Driven Approach

Competency-based education continues to gain traction as a growing number of Universities are exploring it and we continue to see articles and blog posts build a public and collective conversation Continue Reading →

Fanning the Flame of Self-Directed Learning

Five years ago, I attempted something for the first time as a college professor. I’d done it as a K-12 teacher over the years, but this was a first with Continue Reading →

Surfacing Intrinsic Motivation in Project-based & Self-Directed Learning Envioronments

Not every student in a project-based or self-directed learning environment will be excited about this new model. It takes more effort. It is counter to many of the school success Continue Reading →