A Sabbatical, A Fellowship, & a New Book Project

I am excited to publicly announce that my request for a sabbatical during the spring of 2017 (January – May) was approved. I have been granted and accepted the Jonathan D. Harber Fellowship in Education and Entrepreneurship at Wesleyan University (in Middletown, CT) for that semester. This means that my family and I will be relocating to Connecticut for about five months in 2017. I will dive into teaching, researching and writing during that time; and we will also be taking advantage of the location to design a custom learning experience for the kids (and family) that taps into the many historic sites, rich natural world, and the other wonderful experiences available in both New England and the Mid Atlantic states.

[Quick aside: If any of my students or advisees are reading this, no worries, I will still be available to work with you during this time.]

If you are interested in the fellowship or Wesleyan University, you can learn more through the link above, but I’ve also included a bit more about my plans below.

The Harber Fellow will be in residence at Wesleyan’s Allbritton Center for the Spring semester of 2017, and will teach a course that may incorporate outside speakers, drawing on Wesleyan alumni and others involved in innovative, entrepreneurial educational ventures in the profit and nonprofit sectors. The fellow is also expected to deliver an all-campus lecture.

In addition to these responsibilities, I hope to use my sabbatical to complete a full book/manuscript based upon the topics in the course that I plan to design design/teach. As part of this work, I will be interviewing leaders involved in educational entrepreneurship and observing some of their organizations as time permits.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Design and teach a course entitled Education Moonshots & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Complete a full manuscript/book on the topic of futures in education and educational entrepreneurship.
  • Deepen my understanding and networks around educational entrepreneurship.

The Course

Regarding the course that I will be designing and the book that I will be writing, I already shared a post about this course back in April, but I’ve included the tentative topics again below. While this is more than we could adequately address in a semester course, I plan to have a chapter in the book dedicated to each of these.

  1. The Education “Moonshot”
  2. A Survey of Prominent Leaders & Voices in Educational Entrepreneurship
  3. The Educational Entrepreneur’s Code: Ethics, Missions and Motives
  4. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Personalized & Adaptive Learning
  5. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Open Education
  6. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Access & Opportunity
  7. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Self-directed & Informal Learning
  8. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Non-cognitive & 21st Century Skills
  9. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Unbundled Education
  10. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: The New Digital Divide
  11. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Blended & Online Learning
  12. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Competency-based Education
  13. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Alternative Learning Pathways
  14. Education as Social Entrepreneurship: Credentialism and Workforce Development
  15. Visions and Rationales for Post-Industrial Education
  16. Emerging and Experimental Models of K-12 Education
  17. Emerging and Experimental Higher Education Models
  18. Intrapreneurs & Educational Innovation
  19. The Role and Impact of Foundations on Educational Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  20. Corporate Interests in Educational Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  21. Regulations, Government Policy & Educational Entrepreneurship: Muzzles and Megaphones
  22. Exploring Roles and Opportunities in Educational Innovation & Entrepreneurship

I’ve also been pondering how I might be able to extend these learning opportunities beyond the students at Wesleyan, perhaps as some sort of MOOC or online game-like experience. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you.