What Am I Thinking About Lately?

What are you thinking about lately? What are the possibilities and issues that you consider as you fall asleep, travel to and from work, or when you have some free time? What are the themes, questions, challenges, and opportunities that seem to haunt you (possibly in a good way)? Here are the ones on my mind right now.

Methodological and Philosophical Pathways in Schools – The school within a school model is increasingly commonplace, allowing traditional schools to create tracks and sub-communities that have a particular emphasis like project-based learning, performing arts, STEM, classical education, etc. I’m pondering the potential application for higher education as well.

Advertising Wars in Education – The advertising wars in higher education are more problematic than many realize. How can we reallocate that money to benefit students, and what we can do about it through design thinking, entrepreneurship, policies, or other methods?

Promoting Wisdom & Candid Reflection about the Implications, Affordances, and Limitations of AI and the Robotic Moment – The word “robot has its origin in Czech for “forced labor”, but who will work for whom?

Promoting Humane, Carefully Considered, Value-Centered Learning and Data Analytics – How do we promote a deeper consideration and dialogue about the real benefits and the real downsides to learning analytics and big data, how measuring can change or affirm values and priorities?

Fostering a Deep and Large-scale Value for Civil Discourse and Living with Difference -Tthe emphasis upon power over open and candid discourse may be one of our most critical issues in modern public life. How can we model and promote civil discourse, remaining true to our convictions, and living among people with diverse beliefs and values?

Amplifying the Human Amid Technological Metaphors for Life – I’m keenly interested in facing the reality and inevitability of technological expansion while studying technological metaphors for humans, human metaphors for technology, and the related affordances and limitations of each.

Wonder, Curiosity, the Love of Learning, and Enriching Habits – What would it look like to replace the current obsession with standards and testing with a focus upon nurturing curiosity, a love of learning, and enriching habits?

Educators as Game Designers – How are educators embracing the role of game masters and designing a variety of games